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Flawlessness portrayed in our collection of Madurai Veeran Stone Statue, Bronze Panchaloha Kireedam, etc.
About Us

Intuit Sculptures and Exports Private Limited was incorporated in 2018, with its headquarters in Mahabalipuram, a town in South India, well renowned for sculpture artists whose lineage comes from Pallava dynasty. Mahabalipuram is declared as a world heritage site for the monuments that has been built by Pallava kings who ruled this place. We manufacture all kinds of temple idols in black stone and have been providing temple consulting and construction services as per traditional agama rules. All our artists are graduates from Sculpture College, located here in Mahabalipuram.

We also manufacture Home Decor and Garden Decor in different types of stone, namely Red Marble, Green stone, Cudappah stone and Black stone. The designs of our complete array are simply brilliant as they adhere to the traditional art forms. Beyond the consistency in quality, our product range is being sold to customers at minimal prices, which is why the demand of our goods is skyrocketing in the local as well as global markets.

For us, our Ideals are as much important as the idols that we manufacture. And this has helped us in our success within a short span of time. 

Customer Satisfaction

As a customer-focused organization, our biggest concern is and has been customer satisfaction, and we make the most of the effort required to accomplish it. From the collection of orders to the ultimate completion, we guarantee the maximum level of customer satisfaction. Several of the points that can better explain our customer satisfaction methodologies are as follows:

  • We measure each product as per the top quality criteria before delivering them to customers.
  • We are constantly investigating the new market patterns to give our customers the best designed pieces.
  • We sell our range of goods to customers at the most moderate costs.
  • We completely appreciate the needs of the clients and aim to meet them as soon as possible.

Our Team

It is essential for a company dealing in decorative products to ensure good quality. It indeed is a blessing that all our artists are graduates from sculpture college Mamallapuram. All of them are backed by a strong understanding of the industry, which they use to produce the most ideal line of products like Madurai Veeran Stone Statue, Lakshmi Varahar, Black Ramar Paadam Stone, etc. Through their continued hard work and determination, we can ensure all orders are delivered within the time limit promised. All in all, our wonderful team has never disappointed us and has always worked on boosting the efficiency of our company. 
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